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BTA (British Teachers Adaptation)

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Workshops and training sessions include:

- Behaviour Management and classroom delivery.

- Inter-personal and professional skills.

- Special Education Needs.
Working with children with special needs

- Differentiated lesson - planning

Recruitment and Employment Confederation


Let us help you negotiate
your way into a successful
teaching career in Britain

Starting over again in a new country is always difficult especially attempting new careers or continuing an existing one in a new place. Coming from other cultures and education systems where everything is done differently can be equally traumatic.

Second Chances Career Development can help you integrate much easier into the British Education system if this is where you plan to start over.

In six short weeks learn about behavior management in the classroom, projecting the right image in job interviews, understanding the National Curriculum, Special Education Needs, leveling and differentiated lesson planning.

Nothing is as difficult when you know what is expected of you.

Do you know that the Graduate Teachersí Programme, (GTP) is the most financially rewarding pathway into teaching? All you need is a First degree. You can work towards Qualified Teacherís Status and be paid a salary as well? Let us show you how it can be done.  


Education best keep secret

Did you know?
Some schools in the inner-London areas will hire you as an un-qualified teacher, apply for a work permit for you and then train you on the job to become a qualified teacher.

Some things you need to be aware of:
You need to be aware that some schools are more inclined to hire “unqualified teachers” than others. Knowing where to send applications and understanding the level of the job you’re applying for is important.

Knowledge of differentiated lesson-planning is very important. The average class will contain at least 21% of SEN children. The SEN Code of Practice mandates you to meet the needs of everyone in your class.

Food for thought:
Can you demonstrate your understanding and ability to teach mix-ability groups in a job interview?

New to Britain? Want to get into teaching but confused?

The British Education System is a complicated maze comprising of a vocabulary unknown to most overseas teachers.

Test yourself:

Do the following terms mean anything to you?

• The National Curriculum?

• Key Stages?

• Special Education Needs and the Code of Practice?


• Leveling

• Differentiated Lesson Plan

• Assertive Discipline?

• Praise Culture?

• Course work?

• Course work moderation?

• Assessment?

• SATs?

• GCSE curriculum?

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