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Academic courses
Overseas student
Course fees

If you are on a full-time course of study, comprising of 15 hours per week, your fees can range from £4,000.00 - £5,000.00 for a one-year course of study.

If you do not qualify as a Home student, you will have to pay International student fees.


Exam fees:

All students are charged for any exam fees, books, materials for learning or equipment that may pertain to your course.


NB: Wherever possible applicants are advised to attend an interview and any student who is planning to visit the UK, can telephone the College to make an appointment to see the tutors and the specific areas of study required.

Benefits of studying at ICTR College:

Studying at ITCR College could give you the confidence, skills and knowledge you will need to progress in your chosen career.
It also exposes you to the wider working community of employers, chiefly schools, extended social partners and stakeholders.


ITCR College
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