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Our help:

We encourage all our students to embrace challenges that would afford them the opportunities to excel in their chosen careers.


Our student care:

We extend an open invitation to you to apply and become a part of the growing family of students opening doors and making their dreams come true in their chosen career paths.

We work closely with students in identifying the right schools for their school-placement which is a mandatory part of their course requirement.

In addition we help them integrate into the British society and culture, be it assistance in opening bank accounts, immigration advice, travel and job opportunities since every student is entitle to work a 20-hour week.

Since ITCR College now has a certified and license Recruitment Division we are able to advice, assist and guide students into job market.


Our lecturers:

Our lectures are not only highly qualified and experienced in their areas of delivery but they are also very accessible to students before and after lectures.

Among our lectures at ITCR College are Cambridge graduates, lectures with Public Relations and Human Resource backgrounds, Behaviour Management Specialists, Special Education Needs and Education Policies Specialists, all having taught at other colleges and schools.



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